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Insider Trading: Getting to the Finish Line

September 28, 2017

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Insider Trading: Get Known

August 14, 2017


What’s going on y’all. This weekend I attended the Netroots Nation conference in Atlanta, GA. Basically I was surrounded by a gazillion progressive politicians, activists, and organizers discussing the progressive agenda in the Age of Trump. Former Vice President, Al Gore discussed climate change, labor leader and civil rights activist, Dolores Huerta discussed equality, and Kenneth Worles discussed …. Well, he was just an attendee, but give him one or two years - it’s going down. Lol. But anyway, attending this conference reminded me of a few marketing strategies for friends who own small business and organizations, and are looking for a few ways to expand their reach.


Go To People



I dislike the phrase “if you build it, they will come”. No they won’t. You have to find them my friend. I remember asking my friend Andrew Brown, who’s a video director and producer, “If you’re looking to shoot commercials for small businesses, why aren’t you going to places like the Small Business Administration or the Black Business Associations to find clients in need of promotional material?” They have hundreds of businesses constantly looking for ways to improve their brand.


By now you know I own a creative communications firm for campaigns, social justice movements, non-profit organizations, and government affairs. So attending a conference for progressive politicians and organizations was a goldmine for Three(i). This weekend, I was able to connect with many potential clients, promote my business, and even link up with potential partners to help take on huge projects with me.


“Your work is great. The reason you’re not popping right now is because no one knows who you are. GET KNOWN.”


And Bring the People To You



To land a project with a client, receive a donation from a supporter, or have someone purchase your items, 9 times out of 10, you need them to get to your website. Now if you don’t have a website, you need to stop playing and email Three(i) today. If you do have a website, you need to always remember that using social medial, spending money on advertising, or speaking at events should all lead to people moving to your website, and hopefully moving towards making a purchase, donating, volunteering, signing a petition, whatever you need from them. I should add, everything should be authentic and engaging.


Speaking at an event is one of the biggest ways to land client/supporters fast. I remember presenting a workshop in 2015 on Social Media 101 for small business owners who were new to social media. I was able to show my knowledge in the area, show past work I’ve done, and give sound advice to specific questions from the audience. I walked away with four new clients - one remaining a client to this day. 


Let me say it again: “Your work is great. The reason you’re not popping right now is because no one knows who you are. GET KNOWN.”


Be Prepared



I love the phrase, “I’d rather not have the opportunity and be prepared, than to have the opportunity and not be prepared.” I don’t know what you need to promote yourself or cause, but whatever it is HAVE IT READY.


At the last minute for the conference, I designed a promotional flyer and got them printed out at Prima Atlanta (great printing company might I add). However, I’m worried about the effects of my rushed material. When designing, I forgot consider the fact that my flyer would be added to a bag of thousands of promotional content. With my material potentially not standing out because of the lack of strategy and proper planning ahead of time, I’ve possibly (1) lost money and (2) destroyed a few trees for no reason. Buuuuuut hopefully, I’m overthinking and everyone is on my website right now clicking “contact.”


Last Two Cents from motivational speaker and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk: 


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