3 Easy & Effective Ways to Celebrate Indigenous People Day

January 11, 2017



Not sure if you’ve noticed, but cities across the county are publicly saying “hell no” to Columbus Day and switching to Indigenous People’s Day. This day celebrates and recognizes the culture and history of Native people – instead of a man that … well you know what he did.

If there are events in your city celebrating Indigenous People Day, I encourage you all to attend. But, for the people who cannot, here are three effective ways to celebrate the holiday from your home or office.


Support and Learn.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate, support native people and learn more about their culture. One way of doing so is purchasing The Winona Laduke Chronicles: Stories from the Front Lines in the Battle for Environmental Justice. This book – written by Native American environmentalist and economist, Winona LaDuke -  is a collection of current, pressing and inspirational stories of Indigenous communities from the Canadian subarctic to the heart of Dine Bii Kaya, Navajo Nation.


Move Your Money.

I’m sure many of you have heard about the battle Native Americans are facing at Standing Rock. None of these battles would be possible without the loans and credit lines from individuals and organizations banking with institutions like Wells Fargo and Citibank. So, a great way to celebrate and support our Native friends is to move your money from these “anti-indigenous” banks, and put your funds in banks that support the people. BreakUpwithYourMegaBank.com has a list of banks in your state you can join. Also, if you are an investor, you should also look into socially responsible investments instead of funds that support these institutions.



I understand our schedules may not permit us to party with our Native brothers and sisters today, but if you want them to know that you’re there in spirit, donate to organizations that fight to protect both human and environmental rights of Indigenous people. Bears Ears Inter-tribal Coalition would be a great organization to support today. This is a group made up of five nations – and supported by 30 Native American Tribes - who are currently in a battle to preserve Bear Ears National Monument, thanks to 45 and his administration.

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